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Midi mapping.

   Main items.
Double-click on an item to open it's subtree, or click on the plus sign.

Buttons subitems.
   [Clear] and [Freerun] not mapped.
   The rest is mapped.

Record button.
Move your midi-controller to assign.
Update or Delete map.

3 different subItem mappings.

- One [Note] or [CC]+[VAL] (e.g..CC=20,Val=120)
- One [CC] Range [0-127] like in above image
- Multiple [Note] or [CC]+[VAL] (e.g. record lengths)

Multi map per subItem.

-   Icon left to [Length] stays with a + sign.
- Input field is shown to assign different beat lengths.

Track mappings.

- Per track or with selected track.
- Per track needs of course more controllers...

Some tips...

You can assign the same [Note] or [CC] to multiple subItems.

e.g. Mute all : just assign the same to all tracks [State].
e.g. Stretch some tracks to the same length or to a predefined length per track.

Automating with you DAW.

All assigned midi maps can be sequenced in your host.

Midi maps are saved per instance of Circlys in your Daw...