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Control Circlys with a browser!
Do you have a wifi router or local ethernet?

Open Circlys and activate the connection:
Circlys will show the IP-address of e.g. the wifi router:
Now take your smartphone/tablet/iphone/ipad... and open it's browser.

Navigate to www.raxntrax.com/circlys/mobile on your mobile.

On the right top you see the login :

Type in the IP-address, click login...

The communication between mobile devices and Circlys is completely local (through websockets over your router).
Internet connection is only needed to access the webpage.

Once you have logged in, the IP-address is kept on your mobile. (local-storage)
Next time the devices will reconnect automatically.

This technology has been tested on following browsers :

  • Mobile Safari (ios)
  • Mobile Chrome (ios/android)
  • Samsung internet (android)
  • Internet explorer 11 (win)
  • Edge (win)
  • Chrome (win/ios/android)

The technology is completely open source.
You can download the zip package (32kb - v1.0.0) here

It contains :

  • the webpage (index.html)
  • the stylesheet (mobile.css)
  • the javascript code (mobile.js)
After install, you can access the webpage via "file://(..your file path..)".