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Control Circlys with a browser!
Do you have a wifi router or local ethernet?

Open Circlys and activate the connection:
Circlys will show the IP-address of e.g. the wifi router:

Now you have two options :

On the right top you see the login :

Type in the IP-address, click login...

The communication between mobile devices and Circlys is completely local (through websockets over your router).
Internet connection is only needed to access the webpage/download the app.

Once you have logged in, the IP-address is kept on your mobile. (local-storage)
Next time the devices will reconnect automatically.

This technology has been tested on following browsers :

  • Mobile Safari (ios)
  • Mobile Chrome (ios/android)
  • Samsung internet (android)
  • Internet explorer 11 (win)
  • Edge (win)
  • Chrome (win/ios/android)

The technology is completely open source.
You can download the zip package (32kb - v1.0.0) here

It contains :

  • the webpage (index.html)
  • the stylesheet (mobile.css)
  • the javascript code (mobile.js)