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Combinate clips and sets to create a new preset into a new pack.
Let's say you have following packs installed :

and you want to combine some clips from the Mulab pack to create a new preset.
So, you select the Mulab-pack.

The Mulab-pack contains following presets :

You like the Bass clip from preset 001.

And you like the drum set from preset 010.

Ok, first select preset 001, and select the bass clip.
Now select Clips and click on the save button :

Let's call it Bass.

Then select preset 010 and activate all clips you want to save :
Now select Sets and click the save button :

Let's call it Work.

Now it's time to create your own pack.
Select Packs and click on the create button :

Let's call it myPack, and then click on the Add button:

The new pack is selected and contains 1 preset : Init.

Choose this preset so that you start with a fresh preset.

First we will load our Bass clip into clip 01.

Then we will load our Work-set starting from Clip-06.

This will be the result :

Do not forget to save your preset if you want to use it in other projects!