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Adding more variation to the musical clips.
While musical clips have a timing from 1/256th till 1/1th, ControlClips run independantly with timings from 1 till 16 beats.
3 ways to assign a controlclip to a musical expression :
  • Use [SHIFT] and the assignable parameter will be outlined by a box. (color dependent if already assigned).
  • Go to [Overview] and click the corresponding buttons.
  • Click the [ControlClips] button, choose the TAB and choose the controlclip type on the right.
Each of the 16 musical clips can have 9 freely assignable ControlClips.
You can choose between :
  • Scale (global)
  • TransposeAll (global)
  • TransposeClip
  • Mute Clip
  • Trigger -> Time
  • Trigger -> number of steps
  • Expressions -> Time
  • Expressions -> number of steps
  • Controllers -> Time
  • Controllers -> number of steps
Use TransposeClip for adding harmony between different Clips.
For example, set 1 clip to transpose every 4 beats from 0 to 5 to 7 to 0 (standard progression).
Set another one to the same values but rotate them, for example 5 to 7 to 0 to 0.
Or 0 to -2, -5, 12, etc...etc...

Use TriggerTime to get some rhythm going.