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The Matrix enables to change the triggers, pitches and velocities of the 16 clips in one overview.

The clips (rows) are shown vertically.
This view also lets you change the root note, velocity and trigger tempo of a clip.
[Right-Click] on a rectangle lets you change the number of steps.

The Launcher tab contains a 128 step sequencer per clip, allowing you to enable/disable the different clips.
Use [Left-Click] to enable/disable. Use [Right-Click] to set the number of steps.
In this view you can also change the root note of a clip, and the global volume of it.
Every sequencer in this view has it's own tempo ranging from 1 till 16 beats.
The Overwiew is an easier way to assign controlclips to a clip.

The clips are shown horizontally.
Every clip (column) contains 12 rows.

The first row allows to enable following controlclips :
MuteClip, TransposeClip, TransposeAll and GlobalScale

The following 10 rows correspond to the clip's musical expressions.
Clicking on the left creates a controlclip that controls the timing and switches to the controlclip view.
Clicking on the right creates a controlclip that controls the number of steps and switches to the controlclip view.
Clicking in the middle switches the view to the corresponding musical expression.

The last row is merely informative, and shows whether the 128 step sequencer (Launcher] is enabled.