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How do slides work?

Every trigger has it's own corresponding slide and every slide has it's own properties. (Speed/Cycle+Polarity/Range/Decay)

There are four different types of slides.
Consider the pitchwheel on your keyboard.
There are four possible directions :
  • Bend up from zero.
  • Go back down to zero.
  • Bend down from zero.
  • Go back up to zero.
Those four actions are the different types of slides in Modulys

Four each step you can set the speed (from 10% to 100%). The length of a slide is based on a beat.

You can also set the range in 1/12th steps. If your synth's pitch bend range is set to 1 octave, those steps correspond to semi-tones.

Per step you can set the cycle. (from "No" to 8). No=only 1 direction, 2=Type + next direction a.s.o.
To select a slide, just click it's rectangle. A white border will be drawn around the selected slide. To set it's type, you can click again and again to cycle through the different types, or you can click the popup "Type" on the left.

Relation between type of slide and cycles.

Example : you set the type to UpFrom and you set cycle to 2.
In this case four slides will be generated, thus Bend Up (UpFrom), go back to zero (DwTo), and depending on the polarity :
OR bend down (DwFrom) and go back to zero (UpTo)
OR bend Up (UpFrom) and go back to zero. (DwTo)

Decay kicks in starting from second cycle.