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So, you have at least installed both Modulys v2.1 and Mulab v6.x? Ok! Ready to go.

1. Download Beginner.Muproject and drop it on Mulab's desktop shortcut

If you get this window

click the locate button.

2. Click the play button

and you will hear...exactly nothing!
Let's stop the transport and rewind.

(shortcuts [spacebar] and [left arrow]

3. Locate Modulys Rack on the bottom

Click on the arrow to the right of Modulys.

And here we are!
None of the 16 clips is activated!
In fact, Modulys is in it's initial state.

Before you can continue, it's time to learn how to install preset-packs.
First download this preset-pack.

Locate your downloaded zip. (MulabPresetPack_1.zip)
Drag and drop it on Modulys.

Following presets are installed.

Ok, let's start with preset 001.

Clip-1 becomes active and triggers every 8th a C-4 note.

Click on the Velocity tab.

This sequencer loops at position 4 and runs when it receives a trigger.

Ok, enough of this boring tutorial stuff...let's make music!

Preset 002 : Lead + Pitch sequencer

Preset 003 : Keys + Octave sequencer

Preset 004 : Mode sequencer turns single notes into chords (according to the scale (minor in this case))

Preset 005 : Some drums.

But wait! Where does the music come from?

Click on the arrow to the right of Modulys - Mux.
A mixer panel will appear

Click on the Show Modular area button

And here you go, pure magic!

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