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Why would you try Modulys?

If you are into step-sequencing, you really should give Modulys a try.
Under the hood, Modulys has +500 sequencers, all with their own length and tempo.

Say what?

Some generate triggers, others grooves and slides.
Then you have expression sequencers that control velocity, durations and pitches.
Some send control-changes, some control other sequencers.

For more info, see the FAQ.

This is what users have to say...

Andrew Cardinal:
I am really amazed with Modulys; it's the best sequencer I have had the pleasure of using. I have lots of software sequencers: (and hardware) varying from straight emulations to more original ideas like M185 or Thesys. Modulys is very powerful and capable of complex results; but it is very well designed and easy to use! It has quickly become my favourite; complicated polyrhythms have never been so easy! I love how quick and simple it is to set up multiple sequences of different lengths and note on/off; together with all the modulation; and then switch between different patterns. Thank you for creating such an inspiring instrument.

Nathan Brown:
Still in 'learning phase', but i can say that Modulys has the best ratio of feature complexity to operational complexity of any sequencer in my collection. next are cthulu and thesys. catanya is hopelessly obtuse.

Xavier Pfaff:
Modulys is awesome... and very addictive. There 're so many smart ideas to discover while exploring its features.