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Being busy on an update for Modulys, I was making some presets to show the new possibilities.
To hear those presets exactly how it should, we all must use the same DAW.

So this got me thinking...
Why not make a standalone version of Modulys with it's own instruments.
Easier said than done.

I vaguely remembered Csound from the early days of computer generated music.
It didn't take long before it got me completely convinced.
The possibilities are endless, the Csound community is very alive and technically the Csound api is mature and 100% stable.

So, after long days and nights of programming and "Csounding", I proudly present

It's free and it has the full ModulysVst embedded (without restrictions).
It's standalone, comes as a zip-file, so you can even put it on a Usb-stick. (portable)

A preset-pack is included as well as 12 instruments and 2 effects (defined in a CSD-file) to get you started.
It has a build-in Csound editor with syntax checking, opcode hints and links to the Csound manual. (separately download-able)

With this 15Mb download zip-file, you get a giant step-sequencer setup that runs on any Windows system (MME/DirectSound/Asio).
And if it's not for you, just delete the folder in which you copied the unzipped content and nothing is left on your disk since it's completely portable.

Happy Sequencing!