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  • To create a new scene, just drop an image.
  • You can create up to 128 scenes. Each scene responds to a midi program change message.
  • A scene has 1 picture and an unlimited number of regions.
  • You can change the brightness and colors of the picture.
  • Other properties are pre-amplification and how smooth the regions will react to the audio frequencies.


  • Regions are created by means of the tools on the right side.
  • With the pencil tool you can freely draw a region on your picture.
  • Other tools are rectangle, ellipse and the magic wand tool.
  • The magic wand has three color matching alogrithms.
  • With the magic wand enabled, just click on an area of your picture, adjust, if needed, the tolerance and click ok.
  • The tools buttons let's you create multiple regions at once.
  • Regions vary between two states. With the signal button you select the state.
    This will show their appearance when there's no audio signal and when the audio signal is at it's max.
  • Right clicking on a selected region will popup a contextual menu.
  • To move a region, hold down shift and start dragging.

Region properties.

  • Brightness and colors. (automatable) (right click)
  • You can choose between 9 frequency bands. Above each band is a small rectangle showing the amplitude.
  • Threshold: show region only when audio signal above a certain threshold.
  • Alpha: Transparency, responds to audio signal.
  • Zoom effect, responds to audio signal.
  • Amplify
  • Scale and motion are automatable. (right click)
  • Properties are applied to the selected region and all additional regions.


  • Gives you an overview of scenes and regions.
  • Right-Click on an item for a contextual popup menu.
  • You can copy regions between scenes.
  • You can duplicate scenes. (=exact copy)
  • You can also add the existing scene as a new scene.
    The motions will not be copied, instead this new scene copies the current positions of the regions.


  • To record just click the record button and start the transport of your daw.
  • Videos will be saved in the sub-folder of where you installed Pixys. It's called [pixys_video].
  • The video's are named automatically. [pixys_xxx.avi].
  • If you want to choose another video codec, [Control]-click record.
  • Recording is a real-time process and the frames per second are dependant of your daw.
  • Render is an offline process. Click the render button and start the render process in your daw.
  • Rendering is done at 60 frames per second. So, when render is active, do not start your daw's transport!

Selecting regions.

  • In the treeview : click a region, hold shift to select a range of regions.
  • In the picture view : click a region, and then hold shift to select additional regions.
    Click again while holding shift to unselect the additional region.
  • A selected region will have a white border, an additional region has a grey border.
  • Use the arrows on the bottom to cycle through the regions.

Motion button.

  • Click in the picture view to add motion paths for the selected region.
  • Shift+Right click on a motion circle to delete the motion path.
  • Switch between additional regions while holding shift.